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Howdy, folks! Welcome to our smokin' barbeque joint in the heart of Boothbay Harbor, Maine! Our mission is simple as a sailor's knot: to serve up the tastiest grub this coastal town has to offer, all while givin' props to our hardworkin' farmers and producers. We're talkin' farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. From tender cuts of meat to the bountiful harvest of our neighborin' farms, our menu is a tribute to the rich flavors of this great state. We're all about supportin' our local community, reducin' our carbon footprint, and keepin' it wicked local. So grab a seat, relax, and let us fill yer plates with finger-lickin', lip-smackin' barbeque delights that'll have you comin' back for seconds. It's time to savor the flavors of Maine, right here in Boothbay Harbor.


  • Monday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Tuesday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Wednesday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Thursday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Friday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Saturday noon-8:00pm or sold out
  • Sunday noon-8:00pm or sold out


Jalapeno Poppers
Fresh Halved Jalapeno stuffed with Hot sausage, cheddar, 
cream cheese and our special seasoning then wrapped in bacon
and smok4ed 4 per order 
Pickle Wings
6 smoked and dry rubbed Garlic, dill brined chicken wings
served with garlic Parmesan dip
STICKY Burnt Ends
1/4 lb Brisket burnt ends made with our maple bourbon BBQ
Sampler tray
Includes 2 backyard ribs, 2 jalapeño popper, 3 pickle wings, smoked mac
and cheese, salt potatoes and bbq baked beans 


1/3 lb pulled pork
1/3 lb Brisket 
burnt ends
1/3 lb Briket burnt ends 
Backyard ribs
1/3 Rack of sticky BBQ ribs 


Brioche Bun – Cheddar – Pickles – Maple Bourbon BBQ 
pulled pork
Brioche Bun – Pickles – Carolina Mustard BBQ – Pickled Onions 
Add Cheddar +$2
Bridgehouse burger
Brioche Bun – American – Pickles – LTO – mayo – kethup
The Vegetarian
Brioche Bun - Dry rubbed and smoked portobello mushroom cap
vegan mayo - lto - Maple bourbon BBQ - pickles 
The bun is toasted using vegan plant based butter.
*prepared on equipment that has been used with non vegan butter
and meat
Lobster Roll
Cold: Maine Roll – ¼lb of Picked Lobster Meat – Mayo – Lemon
warm: Maine Roll – ¼lb of Picked Lobster Meat – drawn butter


Smoked Mac and Cheese
Salt taters
Smoked Corn On the Cob
Cheddar mac Salad 
BBQ Baked Beans

Pub Classics


Grilled Cheese
Hot Dog


Root Beer
Mandarin Orange 

did we mention beer?

Check out the tap room upstairs 

Check out the breweries beers by clicking the logo below. grab some food and head on up for some beer! We will let you know when your food is ready.

Where We Are

23 Granary Way Boothbay Harbor MAINE

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give us a ring @  (207)315-9020

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